First Dusting of Snow

This morning, when I got up and pulled the shades in my bedroom, I looked out the window and said, “Oh, my!” Over night, we got a dusting of snow.

“I thought you’d be surprised,” Clif said, and he had the camera ready for me.

Before tea, before toast, out I went to take some pictures. I had purposely left some of the garden ornaments in the yard so that I could get photos of them in the snow.




This angel, I think, will make a good Christmas card with the phrase “Glad Tidings” at the top.


Like this:


The sun is shining, the trees are dripping, and by afternoon the dusting of snow will be gone. Nevertheless, it’s time to bring in the last of those yard ornaments as well as the chairs, the fire pit, and a few other things we left outside.

Winter hasn’t come to Maine yet, but we felt its touch. How good to know the wood is stacked, and the leaves are raked.


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    1. Actually, we still have snow here, too. It didn’t melt as I expected it would. Mother Nature is on her own schedule πŸ˜‰

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