Of Crowns and October

What happens when you take four Benadryls in a four-hour stretch? Well, you don’t cough. This was a very good thing when my dentist installed my new crown.  Everything went smoothly. No interruptions because of coughing.

However, I did get a little bit drowsy as my dentist worked on my crown, and when the procedure was over, I was glad Clif had driven me to my appointment. I napped all the way home, woke up, made myself do a couple of chores, and then napped for a few hours on the couch.

On the one hand, it felt like a wasted day. The sun was shining and rather than nap on the couch, there was much I could have done outside. On the other hand, the deed was done well before our dental insurance expired. (Why eyes, teeth, and ears aren’t included in general health insurance is a great mystery to me. Good vision, teeth, and hearing are essential to good health. They are not luxuries.)

However, this particular crown is behind me, and I don’t have to worry about paying over $2,000 out of our own little budget. In celebration, I’m gong to share some pictures I took last week on a glorious fall day as I did errands around town.





October is such a beautiful month!

13 thoughts on “Of Crowns and October”

    1. Thanks, Derrick. Sometimes the cough just lingers. At least the crown is behind me now.

  1. I am happy that despite your couching and dental work, you are enjoying october! And oh well…think of you enjoying Christmas dinners with that new crown!! ;o) beautiful photos! xo Johanna

  2. Beautiful photos – love the crabapples against the sky.
    Glad you got your crown all straightened away. Those things are expensive! Last year I had a root canal AND a crown on the same tooth – yikes – ins. coverage was only about $500. 😦

    1. Thanks, Eliza! And, yes, so expensive. And Root canal and crown on the same tooth is just too much.

  3. Beautiful fall photos. I never tried benadryl before the dentist. I need a bit of drilling and I’ve been dreading it. Benadryl would knock me out. I usually get nitrous oxide. It relaxes me a little, but mostly I white knuckle it – and that’s just for a six month cleaning. These things are not covered by insurance because it would not be profitable for them – they are the most used and needed types of medical care.

    1. Thanks, Robin! I only took so much Benadryl so that I wouldn’t cough as the dentist was trying to fit the crown. And it worked! But it sure knocked me out. But oh my! You really hate going to the dentist, don’t you?

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