The Loveliness of Decay

Yesterday, I took a break from coughing to wander around the yard at the little house in the big woods. The air was filled with the delightful nutty smell of fallen leaves. Oh, if we could only bottle it. I know. Fallen leaves mean raking, but that’s all right. I really don’t mind being outside on a crisp day and raking the leaves. Also, it gives the dog plenty of time to run and bark, his two favorite things.

Here are some pictures of the yard and garden. Who knew that decay could be so lovely? In a golden, melancholy way, of course.








13 thoughts on “The Loveliness of Decay”

  1. I agree, it’s lovely and melancholy. You have a good supply of wood!
    I started taking my Vit. D to make up for the sun I’m no longer getting.
    I came down with a cold yesterday, which always astonishes me. It surprises me when I’m not invincible! 😉 Guess lots of folk are feeling the effects of closed windows (it happens every year around this time, it seems).

    1. Eliza, we have six cords of wood, which should get us through the winter. What a time to be sick! I feel as though I have lost a week during one of the busiest times of the year. All I can do is push on. Get some rest and feel well soon.

      1. Listen to your husband and get some rest. Must be the Franco in us that spurs us on, even when we don’t feel well. My mother was a hard one to keep down, and I hate it when I can’t be industrious 😉

  2. Lovely photos Laurie!! It is really funny, because I feel so invigorated and active …but Mr. walker agrees with you, a little melancholy indeed. Ha, I will cheer him up with a good apple pie and lighted candles ( they do look so much better in Fall and winter…right? ) xo Joahnna

    1. Johanna, I understand. It is an invigorating time of year. But a little sad, too. Apple pie and candles should do the trick.

    1. Thanks, Judy! I especially love crumbling buildings and empty factories. Sad but somehow they take on a dignity and grandeur.

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