Fed-Up Friday: Let It Snow

All right. Even for someone like me, who loves summer, this high heat and humidity has gone on a little too long. I am ready for cooler weather.

In fact, this is starting to look pretty good.


The picture, of course, was taken last winter when Liam looked a little frosty. And while I don’t really want it to snow—not yet—I have been thinking ahead to Christmas and to cards, which I love to send.

This will be our Christmas card for 2015, and I have found it very soothing to look at it during this extreme heat and humidity.

The card is a good reminder that the seasons change in Maine, that it won’t always be this hot, and that instead of melting down at around 2:00 every afternoon, soon enough I’ll be putting wood on the fire.


15 thoughts on “Fed-Up Friday: Let It Snow”

  1. When I first saw Liam’s photo, I thought he was a bear. Then I wondered how you got so close to a bear to take such a great picture. What a cute dog Liam is!

    I don’t like all of summer’s heat and humidity, but I can also do without the snow. Our dog Strider loves the snow. If it’s deep enough, he buries his head in it šŸ™‚

    1. Robin, Liam does look a little like a bear, to me a panda bear. We have had a black bear in our backyard, but there is no way I would get that close for a picture šŸ˜‰

      Many dogs love snow. Our Liam is the same way.

  2. Oh, adorable Christmas card – and, might I say, kudos to you for your planning ahead. Really. I don’t even know what I am cooking for dinner tonight.

    And yes! Enough of heat and humidity (South Jersey). My garden, my spirit, myself – we are all wilted.

    1. Thanks, Jodie! “My garden, my spirit, myself—we are all wilted” beautifully captures the way I feel.

    1. Jason, same here. How I long for the Augusts of yore, when the days were hot—but not too hot—and dry with cool nights.

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