So It Begins: Farmer Kev’s Summer CSA and a Nifty Way to Eat Radishes

On Tuesday, I received my first box of vegetables from Farmer Kev’s Community Supported Agriculture program—henceforth referred to as CSA. I’ve written about Farmer Kev many times in this blog. For new readers: He’s young, he’s energetic, he doesn’t come from a farming family, and he’s been farming on leased land since he graduated from high school. Go, Farmer Kev!

Our own Farmer Kev
Our own Farmer Kev, from a photo taken last year

This year will be especially exciting for me and, I hope, for Farmer Kev. He’s become a sponsor, of sorts, of this blog. In exchange for writing about his vegetables and ways to use them, I get a free CSA share. (I will write for food, as long as it comes from a source I approve of, and I most definitely approve of Farmer Kev.)

For the next month, I will, of course, be focusing on greens because let’s face it—when those greens get going they come in an avalanche that can be downright alarming. What to do with all those greens?

I have some ideas, and I am lucky to have a good friend who is also a good cook. Her name is Alice Johnson, and when she heard about how I would be writing regularly about Farmer Kev and his vegetables, she jumped right into the fray and has been sending me wonderful recipes that will make short work of those daunting greens. (Farmer Kev, you are in effect get two heads for the price of one.)

But for this week, which is just the start of the greens avalanche and should thus be manageable, I am going to focus on the humble radish. Yes, yes, they are good in salads, and I’m sure everyone knows this. But they are also good on buttered toast, which is a relatively new trick for this Yankee cook.


I got this idea from JoEllen Cottrell, who is director of the Winthrop Food Pantry. A while back, she told me about toast and radishes and said this is something that is eaten in Germany. (She has a German daughter-in-law.)

Really, toast and radishes couldn’t be easier. Make a toast—the better the bread, the better the toast—and butter it. Top the toast with thinly sliced radishes and sprinkle with a little salt, if you like.

The butter and the toasted bread go very well with the crunchy, tangy radishes. I had this for lunch yesterday, and I had it again today. It’s strangely good.

Starting next week, I’ll begin posting recipes that use spinach, Swiss chard, and Kale. I even have an idea or two for salads. With the help of my friend Alice, we’ll show those greens a thing or two.

Happy eating!


6 thoughts on “So It Begins: Farmer Kev’s Summer CSA and a Nifty Way to Eat Radishes”

  1. How delightful! Your trade – writing/CSA share – and how we’ll all benefit from your experimentation. Win/win/win. Yes! XOXO

    1. Thanks, Burni. And so much fun. Be prepared for a recipe onslaught. I’m actually thinking of featuring two next week.

  2. Yes! Thank you for the radish toast!
    May I also suggest gin and tonic on lots of ice and a radish tossed in?
    It’s a good thing!

    1. You’re welcome, Jim! And thank you for gin and tonic and radish suggestion.

  3. Well, glad to see a picture of Farmer Kev, since I have eaten his carrot soup in the past. I had not pictured him quite so adorable.

    Bring on the recipes! I am a bit ahead of you, seasonally, but A radish recipe is just what I need right now. I think it’s a part of dinner, in fact.

    1. Yes, Farmer Kev is very adorable. Hope you liked the radish on toast. I have found this to be quite addictive. This week’s recipe will be greens-stuffed bread. As my Yankee husband observed, it’s not too bad.

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