The Sweet Smell of Summer, A Closer Look

Six-spotted tiger beetle

I know this might count as bragging, but right now the air at the little house in the big woods is so impossibly sweet that I can’t imagine how it could be sweeter anywhere else. How to describe this smell? Green? Woodland? Nature? Life itself?

If I could bottle this smell and sell it, then I would be a very rich woman indeed. People would clamor for it. I know they would. But unfortunately—or perhaps fortunately—this smell cannot be reproduced, not even by the cleverest chemist. This means that only a very small group of people, family and friends, have the privilege of enjoying this green, woodland smell at the little house in the big woods.


This morning, after hanging laundry, I took photos as I do nearly every day. It has become my practice, and through this practice I hope to become a better photographer.

The sweet smell of summer was all around me as I took pictures of flowers, the woods, and insects. The smell enveloped me until I felt as though it were holding me in its hand, and it seemed to encourage me to look closer and closer at what I was photographing.

From a distance, gardens and flowers, plants, and even insects can be beautiful, but close up they are strikingly interesting. How often do we slow down for a closer look? Not often enough, I think. Most of the time we are rushing through life, trying to get various chores done.

Photography is a good reminder to slow down, slow down and take a closer look. When the slowing down is combined with the sweet smell of summer, well, you have a combination that cannot be beat.




10 thoughts on “The Sweet Smell of Summer, A Closer Look”

  1. These photographs are stunning!!! Not bragging- sharing! Here, the wild roses are blooming and the humidity is high so the scent is intensified. I just love it

    1. Thanks,Cynthia! The roses are just beginning to bloom in central Maine.

    1. That’s how I used to be with my husband, Clif. Then we got a small point and shoot camera, and I’ve been taking my own pictures ever since. I never thought that at my age I’d learn a new skill that is completely outside my purview. But there you go. Old dogs can indeed learn new tricks.

      1. Beautiful pictures, Laurie – and beautiful words to go with them. It’s honeysuckle time around here. No matter where I go I can catch a whiff of them. That’s June to me.

      2. Jodie, this northern girl has never smelled honeysuckle, but I can just imagine how sweet it is.

      3. Jason, I felt the same way for quite a while. But I have so enjoyed learning how to take pictures—Clif has given me a lot of guidance—that I take pictures most every day. You just never know when something will “click.” (Yes, pun intended.)

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