Mr. Knightrogen Retires

Mr. Knightrogen
Mr. Knightrogen

Yesterday, we went to a friend’s retirement party held at the old grange—now the Helen Melledy Hall—in Monmouth. After thirty-five years of teaching high school chemistry, Mr. Knightrogen—aka Stephen Knight—has decided to “throw in his lab coat.” This year is his last year of teaching full time. (He does, however, have a part-time gig this summer in Farmington. You just can’t keep Mr. Knightrogen down.)

The hall was packed with family and friends, and the noise level was astounding.  It’s amazing how happy people can make such a sound and a fury.

A view of the crowd and Mr. Knightrogen

Naturally, there were refreshments, and the food was pretty darned good, as my Yankee husband noted. Lots of tasty appetizers.

The spread
The spread

I can’t resist sharing this picture of my own contribution to Steve’s party. Yes, a recipe will follow in the next week or two.

Stuffed bread
Stuffed bread

To round out the refreshments, there was also wine tasting, courtesy of David Gulak, Steve’s future son-in-law. David is one of the owners of Meridians, a wine, beer, and food shop in Fairfield, Maine.

After everyone had plenty of time to eat, talk, and drink, there was a short program where a tearful Steve made a speech. There was also a snappy video, projected large on a back wall, and the video had testimonials from friends and former students as well as stills of Steve’s life as a teacher.

Then, of course, there was cake, made by Emilie Knight, Steve’s daughter.


Last but certainly not least, there was an official recognition from the Maine Legislature of Steve’s retirement and his service to Maine.


A much-deserved accolade for a dedicated and creative teacher.  Clif and I have no doubt that with his energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity, Steve will have a fulfilling retirement and will continue to serve the community.

Best wishes, Mr. Knightrogen!


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    1. Yes, the element cake was very clever. And I was very pleased with the stuffed bread. I’m still experimenting with the recipe—this week I’ll be trying it with store-bought pizza dough. (I used frozen bread dough for the one in the picture as I know that not everyone likes to fuss with making bread.) Finally, I’m going to try it with my own homemade bread. I have a funny feeling that it’s going to be good with any kind of dough. H-m-m-m. I wonder how the spinach stuffing would be with biscut dough?

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