A Doggone Week

Last week, along with the excitement of Bailey Library’s reopening, Clif and I also had the excitement of taking care of our “granddogs”—Holly and Somara. Oh, what a flurry of activity they brought to an already busy week at the little house in the big woods. But what dear dogs they are.

Holly is bold and energetic, and her moniker Hurricane Holly is a fitting one. With her long legs and her tan and orange coloring, she is a striking dog. Holly has the most expressive face of any dog I have ever known, and at times she even sneers like Billy Idol.

Holly with her "Don't mess with me" look
Holly with her “Don’t mess with me” look

Somara lived in a shelter until she was two years old, and she is sweet and affectionate but timid. Fortunately, she hit the jackpot when Shannon and Mike adopted her, and now Somara has a lifestyle that any dog would envy. A very, very loving home, plenty to eat, and daily runs in the woods. If Somara could talk she might say, “It’s a dog’s life, and I love it.”

Sweet Somara
Sweet Somara

Poor Liam was a little overshadowed by the two dogs. He is a Sheltie and a herding dog. Although Liam is friendly, he also has that aloof quality that herding dogs are known for. He doesn’t like having his head patted, he’s not a cuddly dog, and he prefers to sleep on the floor. Holly and Somara, on the other hand, wanted to be on the couch with Clif and me when we watched television. Holly often rested her head on my leg, and Somara was always ready to be patted.

Our Liam
Our Liam

But for the most part, everyone got along well. (Holly did chase the cats from time to time, but it was an occasional event rather than an ongoing one.) There were walks and doggie treats and romps in the yard.

Last night Shannon and Mike picked up the dogs, and today the house is quiet. The child gates are back downstairs, and the cat dishes are on the floor rather than on the small wooden table in our kitchen. It is a dripping rainy day, but it looks as though the rain is backing off, and I’ll be able to take Liam for a walk this afternoon.

The girls, as I call them, will be back soon when Shannon and Mike come for a backyard barbecue. How nice the dogs feel comfortable here.

And how nice the little house in the big woods is dog friendly as well as people friendly.




6 thoughts on “A Doggone Week”

  1. Thanks again for taking care of our girls and glad that they were good for you! πŸ™‚

  2. Very cool that everyone all got along. We have a dog and 2 cats & I feel like our delicate balance could easily be toppled with any additions.

    1. Jodie, I know what you mean. Guest and their dogs have been coming to the little house in the big woods since Liam was a puppy, which means he’s pretty cool with other dogs. The cats are so-so, but they have gotten used to Holly and Somara. Still, two extra animals certainly bring a merry confusion to the household πŸ˜‰

  3. Ah, “socialized” they call it. We’re still working on that one! We had a yard party a while back & Riley loved it. Everyone said she was the best dog ever. She meandered from group to group of people, being social, like she was a person. Then, my brother brought his dog, who proceeded to chase her about. Afterwards, Riley told me it was a very nice party and she enjoyed all of our friends, but that she thought maybe next time we should say no dogs allowed.

    1. It can be tricksy. Depends on the dogs and, of course, the owners πŸ˜‰ Sometimes it is better for dogs to stay at home, and that’s what we mostly do with our Liam.

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