Jack is Back

Every spring for the past few years, Jack has come for a visit. He stays quite a while—into early summer—but he is such a thoughtful guest that he never wears out his welcome. Conscientious about how much space he takes up, Jack neither intrudes nor dominates. Flashier friends might attract more attention, but Jack’s modest qualities make him especially dear to me, and I always wish he would stay longer than he does.

This year, I was afraid Jack was not going to come back for his annual visit. I looked and waited, but no Jack. My heart felt a little heavy. Spring just wouldn’t be the same without Jack. It had been such a hard winter. Was this the reason for Jack’s absence?

But then, a couple of days ago, he arrived, and I was so happy to see him. Jack was a little late, but then so is everything else this spring after the long, cold winter.


I am also happy to report that Jack’s offspring have come with him, and when they emerge, I will be sure to post pictures of them.

Jack and his kin have settled on the edge of our yard, which is lined with trees and dips into the forest. I feel very fortunate to have a patch of Jack-in-the-pulpets in my own backyard. I love the little pulpit flower, and when the flower passes, as all flowers do, its bright red fruit is interesting, too.

In a couple of weeks, we will be babysitting the granddogs for quite a few days. Jack and his brethren are in the large fenced-in area in the backyard where the dogs can safely roam. I think I will put a little barricade around Jack and his family so that he is not accidentally trampled by enthusiastic dogs.

After all, I want to be sure that Jack comes back not only next year but for many more years as well.

4 thoughts on “Jack is Back”

  1. Sweet post – I wish Jack would visit me. – Good idea about the barricade. I keep 4 or 5 pieces of metal fencing around for just the same reason. Our Riley is 95 pounds of snuffling insanity & if there is a special plant or bird nest or bunny nest in danger – I grab the fencing and ward her off.

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