Mother’s Day Brunch

IMG_8630Over the years, we have realized that our favorite way of celebrating special days and holidays is to cook together as a family. (The family that cooks together stays together?) Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and, of course, Mother’s Day all bring about a flurry of mixing and cooking.

Yesterday, Shannon and the dogs came to the little house in the big woods to celebrate Mother’s Day. With Clif, we were a small but mighty team of three humans—Mike had to work, and Dee lives too far away—and three dogs. (Both Clif’s mother and my mother have died. How we miss them!)

This lucky mother got the best pancakes in Maine, if not the United States; fruit salad; home fries; and delectable flourless, chocolate cupcakes, which I request every year for Mother’s Day. Clif made the pancakes—his truly are the best—and Shannon made the rest.



For the most part, Clif and Shannon wouldn’t let me help, but I did manage to sneak in a couple of things such as wiping the tables, inside and out.

“You’re not supposed to be helping,” Shannon said. “You’re supposed to be taking it easy.”

“Well, whose daughter is she?” Clif asked.

Shannon and I laughed. My mother couldn’t stand not helping, and it was a real effort to get her to relax. Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as the saying goes, and it I will admit it makes me a little fidgety to sit while others bustle to prepare a meal. However, for the most part, I complied with their wishes and stayed out of the kitchen.

After brunch, we headed out to the patio so that the dogs could roam and sniff and we could enjoy being in the backyard. We were able to spend quite a bit of time outside before the black flies drove us in.

Even though it made me a little antsy not to pitch in and help, it was a treat to have someone else do the cooking and clean-up. We seldom eat out, which means I make most of the meals we eat. I am happy to do this, but it is nice to eat food that somebody else has prepared.

Somehow, it always tastes better.


8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Brunch”

    1. Shannon, thanks again! I served the last of those cupcakes to Liz and Mary Jane. They were impressed. Very impressed.

  1. I found you through my good friend Celia at Fig Jam and I couldn’t be happier. I too live in Australia but I grew up in Winslow and there are days I get a bit nostalgic. Yesterday I listened to French step dancing music for an hour while I worked.

    I even got a bit teary at the black flies although I must admit that I don’t miss those.

    Your Mother’s Day lunch would impress any mother world-wide!

    1. Maureen, it’s a funny small world, isn’t it? I was born in Waterville, right across the river from Winslow, and my family name is Meunier 😉 As for black flies…the little blighters. May their season be short.

  2. I’m the same as you with cooking – love to do it – do it ALWAYS – never go out to eat – But really enjoy a day off, too! Sounds like your day off was lovely. My stellar father-in-law, Len, has made us (his wife, 2 daughters, me, and all of our families and assorted guests) a FABULOUS Mother’s Day Brunch every year for almost 20 years. I enjoyed my day off, too!

    1. Jodie, my day off was lovely, and it sounds as though your day off was lovely, too. No matter how much you like to cook, it is nice to have a day off.

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