Joy Joy Happy Happy

Finally, finally, spring seems to be coming to Maine. Yesterday, when the dog and I went for a walk, I needed neither hat nor gloves. The sun was warm upon my face, and I know it was probably just my imagination, but it seemed as though I could feel my body absorbing vitamin D.

As we went up the Narrows Pond Road, I saw a sight that few would consider beautiful but was oh so heartening to me—water running in the ditch.


When I looked down the road, I could see how much the snow has melted and pulled back.


A little while later, we met Megan the dog and her person, both back from winter in a warmer place.  Liam has known Megan since he was a puppy, and I remember how she used to nuzzle his little back.


We continued on our walk, and on the way home, I saw budding trees against a deep blue sky.


More running water where the stream has finally broken through the snow.


And back to our very own little house in the big woods where we can actually see bare driveway.


Yes, there is still a lot of snow in our yard, but joy joy happy happy. Spring is coming!


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  1. LOL I feel and share your elation. 51F here this afternoon. Happy Day indeed. XOXOOX

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