March Doldrums

Last Wednesday, I made granola bars, and I forgot to add salt. I also forgot to turn down the oven after I roasted the oats. On Saturday, I made chocolate cream pie in honor of pie day, and I didn’t add enough sugar or cornstarch. Clif has been sick, and the dog is so restless that he constantly runs down the cellar stairs so that he can wait by the bulkhead, which leads to the backyard. I let him out, and a few minutes later, he barks to come in.

I chalk it all up to the March doldrums. Yesterday, here was the view from my front porch.


More snow. Enough to shovel. Enough to make the road a mucky mess, yet again.

However—and I always like to look on the bright side whenever I can—even though they were overcooked and didn’t have any salt in them, Clif loved the granola bars. I was able to salvage the chocolate cream pie by adding more sugar, and Clif is feeling a little better. (Liam, on the other hand, still longs to be outside.)

March marches on, as it always does. But we are half way through.

April is just around the corner, and in Maine, it is definitely not the cruelest month. Not by a long shot.

4 thoughts on “March Doldrums”

  1. Down in the banana belt of Maine, while we still have way more snow then I would like, at the edges of it, the grass is starting to peep through! It’s muddy and Holly refuses to walk on it (she’s a little bit of a princess!) but it’s better then complete snow cover! 🙂

    The thaw is coming!!

    1. Yes, indeed, Cynthia! I don’t normally make so many cooking mistakes in one week. Holy guacamole!

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