Fish Tacos before Snowmageddon

Yesterday was quite the busy day filled with library meetings, a dental appointment, and stocking up in anticipation of the big storm. It seems that I wasn’t the only one scurrying for supplies. Last night, at Hannaford, the shelves were cleaned out of bread, butter, and cheddar cheese. There is something about a storm that encourages people to lay in supplies. Quite sensible, I think, and no doubt a holdover from our hunter/gatherer past.

How nice it was, then, to go to Mary Jane’s house for lunch, where I had utterly delectable fish tacos made with tilapia and served with limes, cole slaw, avocados, salsa verde, and a chipotle mayonnaise . (I can’t resist adding that tilapia, along with catfish and carp, is truly sustainable and is approved by the oceanographer Sylvia Earle.) What a terrific Monday treat to have before the storm.

Crunchy tilapia, hot from the pan
Crunchy tilapia, hot from the pan
Fish taco with all the fixings
Fish taco with all the fixings

I ate way more than I should have, and I could have a fish taco—or two or three—right now.

Today, the blizzard came as expected, and when I got up, it was a winter wonderland. Snow, snow, and more snow, but fortunately it is light and fluffy. And, as readers can probably guess, we still have our power, at least for the moment. I am hoping we will keep our power, but as I wrote in yesterday’s post, we are ready if it goes out.

Flashlights ready for action
Flashlights ready for action

In a little while, Clif and I will head outside to begin the first of what will probably be at least two cleanings. The dog will be in his glory as he jumps and barks at the snow I shovel. By the end, Liam will definitely look like a dog of the north, which, with his thick coat, is exactly what he is.

But when we come in, thanks to our wood furnace, the house will be warm. Because of my shopping, we have plenty of treats, and in this house there are always many books just waiting to be read.

All will be snug at the little house in the big woods.

A winter wonderland outside our front door
A winter wonderland outside our front door

7 thoughts on “Fish Tacos before Snowmageddon”

  1. Enjoy your writing………..the storm seems to be at the worst phase for me here on the farm right now………drifting is going to be the problem even after the snow winds down later………Jim

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