Snowy Day, Busy Day

Crystal stream
Crystal stream

Today has been a snowy, busy day filled with lots of errands, library duties, and various other things to get in the way of writing a post for the blog. Therefore, I thought I’d share a couple of pictures I took in the woods yesterday. One picture is of ice crystals in a stream that was rushing from the woods to the Narrows just one short month ago. What a difference a cold snap can make! The other picture, which looks like brushing in the snow, are tracks of a little woodland creature—a mouse, I’m guessing.

Winter, a cold time but an interesting time. Lots to see in the quiet, white world.

Little tracks in the snow
Little tracks in the snow

4 thoughts on “Snowy Day, Busy Day”

  1. Wonderful appreciation of simple things/beauty of our natural surroundings. So much to enjoy anytime of the year right outside our homes. Great photos. Thank you! Jim

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