Chocolate chip Cookie in a frying pan

All right. Here is how it went. First, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, a standard recipe from the back of a bag of chocolate chips.IMG_7082

Then I pressed the dough into our trusty cast iron frying pan (greased).


While the cookie was baking—375 degrees for 25 minutes or so—I set the table.


When the dough was golden brown, I removed the pan from the oven.


Our friends Judy and Paul were waiting at the dining room table. Clif brought over the hot pan, set it on the board, and scooped vanilla ice cream on top of the cookie.


Upon which we all scooped into what was indeed a glorious, gooey,  chocolatey mess.

“It’s like a hot fudge sundae,” Judy said, spooning a glob of cookie dough with molten chocolate and ice cream onto her plate.

“Rich,” said Paul, digging in.

“Very chocolatey,” I added as I helped myself to seconds.

Clif didn’t say much. He just ate.


I hope I am not embarrassing anyone by noting that when we were done, there wasn’t much left in the pan, and I had used a whole batch of chocolate  chip cookie dough.

Good as this dessert was, I have to admit it was a tad too chocolatey for my taste. (I never, ever thought I would write such a sentence.) It seemed to me that the melted chocolate overwhelmed the dough.

The next time I make it—oh yes, there will be a next time—I am going to use half the amount of chocolate chips—one cup instead of two—and see if I like the ratio of chocolate to cookie dough better.

And Mary Jane, you are right. This dessert is way more fun than fondue.


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