A Gray Day After the Election

IMG_6972Today, the gray skies exactly match my mood. For a liberal and a progressive, yesterday’s elections brought little to cheer about. Come January, the U.S. Senate will be controlled by Republicans, and Republican governors were re-elected in far too many states, including Maine. I was so hoping that Mike Michaud, the Democratic candidate, would win. While Michaud is neither as progressive nor as liberal as I would like, he certainly beats the alternative, and one of his campaign platforms was to increase funding for alternative energy.

Instead, we got Paul LePage, who, among other things, seems to be a real fossil-fuel enthusiast.  If Maine were an oil-producing state, I expect LePage’s mantra would be drill, baby, drill.

The really depressing thing is that 47.9 percent of the state voted for LePage. In my own town of Winthrop, a majority voted for him. I’m not sure whether I feel as though I live among a group of aliens who have been hoodwinked by our bully of a governor, or if I am the alien who has been dropped in. Either way, it is not a good feeling.

You would think that at fifty-seven, I would be used to these upsets. After all, they happen with depressing regularity. A friend even called to tell me that the last three presidents who were in office two terms had the same thing happen to them in their sixth year. But somehow I never get used to it, and I have to let the despair burn through me like a fever.

In a day or two, I’ll regain my equilibrium. I’ll be thinking of ways to be part of the solution to the terrible problems the world is facing. Because I am not a political animal, it will probably be through reading, writing, lifestyle, and community involvement. Perhaps these things aren’t as effective as political involvement, but it’s just not in my nature to become a gung-ho political activist. I see too many things wrong with the Democrats to be that kind of ardent supporter.

This afternoon, I’m going to make chocolate chip cookies to sweeten this bitter day. Tomorrow, Clif will bring most of them to work—Megan, I haven’t forgotten you—and we’ll keep a few to munch on. Tonight, Clif and I will watch something light and fun—no dystopian movie for us.

Onward if not upward! And by gum, the sun even seems to be coming out.

9 thoughts on “A Gray Day After the Election”

  1. A very gray day . . . and living in a town where the majority voted for Michaud doesn’t give much more comfort . . .

    Michael and I are going to go to Novare Res in Portland for dinner tonight and drinks tonight and if we’re lucky, Bill Murray is going to be there and that will hopefully lift our spirits! 🙂

      1. No Bill Murray 😦 There were a lot of disappointed people – a couple of them even dressed up as Ghost Busters!

        But we still had fun – and a good thing we got there early. By 7:30, they were at full capacity and were only letting people in when someone left. A good distraction from the state of the world right now – or at least our portion of it . . .

  2. I feel your pain, Laurie today. I am not sure I will survive another 4 years I am starting to dislike the people living in the State of Maine. Maine’s WingNut Governor for another 4 years – 2018? What? (maybe we will move away just cause my french ancestry from the 1800’s is from the State of Maine does not mean we have to stay). How could the people of the State of Maine vote the same way again? I know what is on his agenda 2014-2018 for the State of Maine government and “go for it WingNut G” and out source all of State of Maine government and start with IF&W (Inland Fisheries and Wildlife) for using my tax dollars on campaigning. The secret rumor is WingNut G plan is to out source three (3 BIG) State of Maine Agencies in 2015 – DOT, Corrections and Education. I am now 100% on board and please make sure it is out sourced to out of state companies, firms and even cheaper pick a 3rd world country like China, India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh, there must be a better place to live then Maine. I am sicken and cannot do another 4 years, so moving maybe an option I need to explore. Because today I hate living in Maine!

    1. Dawna, I know the feeling. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options for moving. Canada has a conservative prime minister, who is leading the charge on the tar sands. All over the world, people are making foolish, dangerous decisions when it comes to choosing leaders. When I get discouraged about the direction of this state and this country, I think of the Civil Rights Movement and the Gay Rights Movement and how they persevered through terrible times.

  3. Laurie – thank you so much for the cookies – we are loving them here at the office! You are the best, and these cookies are absolutely magical 🙂

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