Leaves, Leaves, Leaves

IMG_6871The leaves have come tumbling down, and it’s time to make a serious effort to clean them up. Yesterday, I raked/brushed some of the driveway, and I felt as though I were in a lake of leaves. However, the trees by the driveway are pretty bare, and I think my Sisyphean task of keeping the driveway clear seems to be coming to an end.

There are also gardens to clip down, garden ornaments to bring in, and the bird bath to clean and store down cellar. Clif has been hauling wood, and on both Saturday and Sunday, we worked on our various projects.

Now, I never thought I would be writing this, but here goes: On Saturday, the weather was so warm and muggy—in the 70s—that it actually made me feel lethargic and a little off. I like warm weather very much, but by mid-October there is supposed to be a chill in the air, and to have it be so warm felt just plain weird. In fact, as I noted in a previous post, October so far has been freakishly warm, and a strong emphasis must placed on freakish. But perhaps this warm weather in autumn isn’t freakish at all. Perhaps it’s the new normal. We’ve had this weather pattern for several years in a row, and while it is never good to jump to conclusions, this does seem to be a trend.

But on Saturday night a strong rain came, driving away the warm weather, and Sunday was as crisp and fine and blowy as an October day in Maine should be. Swish, swish, swish went the rake and broom. Thump went the wood as Clif loaded into the cart. After we were finished, we came in for our tea, and it was cozy to take our tea in the snug living room after a chilly time spent outside.

After tea, I made a chicken galette with leftover chicken, potatoes, carrots, and broth from a previous meal. There is enough of the mixture left to make chicken pot pies when Mike and Shannon come over on Tuesday.


Today is as chilly as it was yesterday.  I’ll be doing more chores outside, and I hope the weather continues to be seasonably crisp.