A Visit from Darling Baby

There are two darling babies whose lives I follow on Facebook, and they are both under a year old. The babies are the children of young women I have known since they were little girls. It is such a pleasure to watch them become parents and to see the development of their own daughters.

One darling baby lives two states away, and this unfortunately means that I don’t see her very much. But her father, who is a stay-at-home dad, is a fine photographer, and I have the pleasure of seeing many pictures of darling baby as well as some videos.

The other darling baby only lives twenty minutes away, which means I see her on a fairly regular basis. Beth, her grandmother and my friend, has retired and is taking care of this particular darling baby while the parents work. Lucky parents to have such a loving, competent, and energetic person to take care of their child.

Today Beth and darling baby are coming over for a visit.  It’s a fine day, and we’ll be taking a walk to the Narrows. We’ll make quite a procession—Beth, darling baby in her carriage, Liam on his leash, and me.

I’ll be making muffins, either bran or chocolate—I haven’t decided. After the walk we’ll come back for muffins and cider. Darling baby can’t crawl yet, and I won’t have to use the child gates to stop her from tumbling down the cellar stairs, which are open. But that day is soon coming, and when it does, we’ll barricade ourselves in the living room, where all breakable things will be moved to higher ground. Babies love to grab, and it seems to me that the best solution is to just move everything out of reach.  That way, there is less fussing and less chance of darling baby breaking something.

I can’t wait until darling baby is old enough for a snack of her own—animal crackers or some other little treat that her parents approve of. I’ll have them ready for her. I might even nip a couple myself.

One of the good things about having animals is that it really doesn’t matter how many crumbs or uneaten pieces of cookies fall on the rug and floor. I’ve cleaned up worse. Much worse.

But having animals means I have to vacuum frequently, and off I go to get the house ready for darling baby and her grandmother.

A wonderful start to what promises to be a beautiful weekend.