A Finest Kind of Day for Mundane Chores

Finally, on the eighth day of August, we have weather that is so sunny, fine, and dry—hot but not too hot—that it makes you glad you are in Maine and nowhere else. The past two two days have been rumbly, rainy days, clearing the way, apparently, for this glorious weather, which is supposed to be with us for the entire weekend.

Just seeing the bright, blue sky energized me, and a good thing, too, because the weekend is full of busy plans—a picnic where I get to meet a darling baby for the first time; a bake sale for the library addition; and a meal to celebrate Shannon and Mike’s fourth wedding anniversary.

Yesterday, I felt dragged down by all these plans, but today, by gum, I am raring to go. And in keeping with this fine day, we had a delivery of wood, five cords, and that alone would have been enough to lift my spirits. Yes, stacking and hauling wood is hard work, but it means we will be toasty this winter, and we won’t be facing $600 a month heating bills, as we did last winter. (And that was with the thermostat set at 60 degrees.)

Oh, you wood pile!
Oh, you wood pile!

As I happily surveyed the wood, I glanced at the front yard, which seemed suitably perky on this lovely day. (It helps that at a distance I couldn’t see the holes and shredded leaves left by the munching slugs and snails.)


This afternoon, I’ll be roasting some of Farmer Kev’s beets to go on the salad I’m bringing to the picnic. (The salad also will have lettuce,  feta cheese, roasted walnuts, and a homemade vinaigrette.) After the beets are roasted, I’ll be making raspberry squares for the library bake sale.

Shopping for Shannon and Mike’s anniversary meal will have to wait until Clif comes home from work tonight, and I can use the car. The anniversary meal menu: Fruit, nuts, and grilled bread for appetizers; red potatoes, corn on the cob, and grilled steak for the main meal; and cake for dessert.

Here are some lines, written by my friend Burni, who sends regular dispatches from Down East, and they express exactly how I feel. Today she plans to go to the dump, pick green beans, and scrub the attic floor: “You know me well enough by now that you shouldn’t be shocked to learn that mundane as these tasks might appear, I find today’s prospects very pleasing. So I’m easy to please. ”

That, to me, is the secret to a happy life—enjoying mundane tasks. Because let’s face it, most of us have days filled with mundane tasks, and if we don’t take some kind of pleasure in them, then life is very dreary indeed.

Last but certainly not least—in keeping with the notion of enjoying mundane chores—it is a great day for hanging laundry, which I did earlier. What a pleasure to see the laundry flapping on the line as it dries in the warm breeze.


5 thoughts on “A Finest Kind of Day for Mundane Chores”

  1. Love the fact that you liked the NN enough to quote it. See? I knew today was going to be brilliant. Thanks!

  2. I am having a great day doing mundane tasks too! Shopping for tomorrow’s event and the arrival of the Massachusetts grands, picking up brochures, money bags,and money at the library and finally finishing up some cleaning so my house looks suitable for the arrival of guests! I feel as though I accomplished something and earned this little sit down I am now having!

    1. Mary Jane, you bring new meaning to the word “busy.” Aside from the bucket of ice water you had to dump on your head, I hope you had a very restful Sunday.

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