Giving Thanks for the Green, Thriving World

Daisy in green

This evening, friends are coming over, and there is much to do today, but the chicken is cooked and ready for the chicken tarragon salad. Soon I’ll be getting the milk and cream mixture ready for our homemade ice cream. Then there is a salsa dip to make as well as a spinach, pasta, and feta salad.

A busy day but such a lovely one. It’s sunny and dry and a little cool, even. Tonight we might have to shut the windows.

A few days ago, I received an email from Farmer Kev, and next week we should have peas in our CSA delivery.  At the little house in the big woods, the gardens—filled mostly with shade plants—are thriving. We got off to a cold, slow start this spring, but the weather finally seems to be in the plants’ favor. I can’t recall a time in early summer when they looked so vibrant, so vigorous. The plants must be getting exactly the right amounts of rain and sun.

This is pure luck, of course. The weather gods do what they will. (Last summer they made it rain for 20 days in a row.) All we mere humans can do is give thanks when the weather gods nod in our direction. Because, let’s face it—with the human population hurtling toward 9 billion, we need plants—especially ones like peas—to thrive and flourish.

So on this day before the summer solstice, I give thanks for the green and thriving world that surrounds me, for the ferns, the hostas, and the irises, for Farmer Kev’s peas.


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  1. Hear hear!! Love how green it it out there! Took Holly for a walk yesterday afternoon and it was just gorgeous in the woods – everything was so alive and vibrant! 🙂

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