More Spring Blooms

This is the kind of rainy day I like: The clouds went away to be replaced by blue sky and sun. While I do understand that rain is necessary, in Maine this is not usually a problem. In fact, just the opposite. Once it starts raining, it doesn’t have enough sense to stop. After the third or fourth day of rain, it gets a little old, especially this time of year when there is much to do outside.

I was so encouraged by the blue sky that in a burst of optimism I even put in a load of laundry to be hung on the line. After my morning writing, I’ll be heading outside to work in the gardens. Who knows? I might even get to have lunch on the patio.

Here are some more pictures from the backyard:

A patch of Jack-in-the-pulpits
A patch of Jack-in-the-pulpits
Closed yesterday, in bloom today
Closed yesterday, in bloom today

Ah, the lovely month of May.


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