Snow in April and a Birthday Celebration

This morning, when I looked out the window, this is what I saw in my backyard.


Never mind! Yesterday, I went to Portland, where I had lunch with Shannon and Kate to celebrate Shannon’s birthday. We had a long, long lunch and a great chat. After eating, we took one of our famous selfies.


Although we had a wonderful time, it was also a bittersweet get-together. Kate has moved from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania, and if her house in New Hampshire sells soon, this will likely be our last birthday gathering. Another “fellowship” has broken up. We have been meeting to celebrate birthdays for quite a few years—I can’t remember exactly how many—and we have had such good times, not to mention terrific food.

Well, life is like that. People move away, for excellent reasons, and although we miss them terribly, we also know it is best for them.

Shannon and I have decided to continue meeting for lunch for our birthdays, but it won’t be the same without Kate.

3 thoughts on “Snow in April and a Birthday Celebration”

  1. It definitely won’t be the same!! 😦 But this time was lots of fun – thank you both for a wonderful luncheon!

    And glad that the snow held off until overnight – that would not have been nice! 😛

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