The First Day of Spring, When the Mind Turns to Chocolate, Tea, Reading, and a Day Spent on the Couch

img_5402I’m in such a gray funk on this drizzly first day of spring that although there is much I could be doing, I don’t want to do any of it. Quite naturally, my mind turns to chocolate, tea, reading, and a day spent on the couch.

“What in the world?” the Franco-American part of me scolds. “The whole day on the couch? Mon Dieu! Cupboards need to be cleaned, floors need to be vacuumed, and some of the rooms really, really need to be dusted. And have you looked at your closet lately? There are clothes in there that haven’t seen the light of day in years, if not decades. Time to get rid of those darned clothes.”

The foodie part of me also chimes in. “And you know that too much chocolate isn’t good for you. A little yes, but not one of your chocolate fests where those tin wrappers make a tottering pile beside your tea cup.”

“All right, all right,” I mutter. “I won’t spend the day on the couch where I read, eat chocolate, and drink tea.”

As I finish typing that sentence, I look out the window at the rain and the drooping branches. Snow slides with a whoosh from the roof. The road is thick with slush, and there will be no walk in the woods today. The dog will be restless tonight, and I know how he feels. In, in, in. We have been indoors for too long, and we want to be outdoors. It’s funny how well matched the dog and I are. On a nice day in the summer, we both could spend the day outdoors from dawn to dusk. And I mean this literally.

Around this time of year, a snow-free yard, a sunny day, and picking up branches and twigs start looking good. Indoor chores, not so much, even though there are plenty of them.

The snow will melt, but that day seems to be some time in the distant future. Intellectually, I know this isn’t true, that by the end of April, the ground will be bare, the mud should mostly be gone, and there will be a flush of green.

But the reality of now, of March, of cold gray, almost overcomes the imagination.

Well, maybe just one cup of tea and a few chocolates. And a chapter or two.

After all, those chores aren’t going anywhere.


3 thoughts on “The First Day of Spring, When the Mind Turns to Chocolate, Tea, Reading, and a Day Spent on the Couch”

  1. Definitely a good day for that! Though the sun is starting to shine out down here – hopefully it’s making its way to you.

  2. I play a game with myself on days such as these, to whit, getting all the ‘chores’ done so I can greet that glorious ‘real’ first day of spring with nothing on the mind, no chores undone, that will diminish truly embracing the new season, heart and soul, i.e. gotta get ‘er done before spring beckons me outside. XOXOXOOX

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