March 12, 2014: Snowstorm

img_5361Let’s just say that a snowstorm in March is not exactly welcomed with enthusiasm. However, in Maine, we are used to them. We Mainers know that March is a temperamental month with a trick or two up its sleeve before it gives way to April. And right on schedule, here it comes, a snowstorm with wet, heavy snow where we might get as much as 18 inches.

At the beginning of the storm, the dog and I went into the woods for a walk. He came back with wet fur, and I came back with a wet hat and mittens.


Tonight, Clif and I will have a comfort meal of baked chicken, baked potatoes, and baked delicata squash, one of the few I still have left from Farmer Kev. I’ll start a fire in the wood furnace, and all will be warm at the little house in the big woods.

Outside, it will snow and snow, on the driveway, on the roads, in the yard, and in the woods. Winter is not over. Not yet. But if we are very lucky, this will be the last snowstorm before spring. If not, I have more chicken in the freezer, more potatoes, and least one or two more delicata squash.


One thought on “March 12, 2014: Snowstorm”

  1. Stay warm and dry! Hope that you don’t get as much as they say. It’s mostly going to be rain or mixed down for us. Bring on Spring!!

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