Sara’s Baby Shower

Sara and Russ, parents-to-be
Sara and Russ, parents-to-be

On Saturday, I went to a baby shower. I have known Sara, the mother-to-be, since she was a little girl, and what a pleasure it is to see how she has become a lovely young woman who is now—with her husband, Russ—starting her own  family. The cycle continues with new life, and with it comes hope and joy. Beth, Sara’s mother, and I have now become the older generation, the matriarchs of the family, and we are stepping into the roles that our own mothers had not so long ago.

Sara and Russ have chosen not to know the sex of the baby, so the little one was referred to as baby Lozefski—Sara and Russ’s last name. Fittingly, the theme of the shower was jungle animals, good for either a boy or a girl—what’s not to like about toy animals?—and the cake had zebras, giraffes, and elephants marching across the frosting. However, as the younger, progressive women—Sara’s sister and cousins—were quick to point out, nowadays it’s perfectly fine for babies, regardless of their gender, to wear any and every color. Right on!

A wild cake
A wild cake

Beth, an accomplished quilter, made the sweetest quilt for the baby, her first grandchild. In keeping with the jungle theme, Zebras frolic on the quilt. Will the baby have jungle dreams, I wonder?

Jungle dreams
Jungle dreams

Because I am a good eater, I quite naturally took several pictures of the food. What a tasty spread! Family and friends came together to provide food for the buffet, and I love these homegrown affairs.


Sara—and baby Lozefski—received a flood of tiny socks, sleepers, bibs, and outfits, with the last items unwrapped being just as adorable as the first. Lisa, Sara’s sister, is a teacher, and when it comes to babies, she thinks along the same lines as I do—books, books, books. Lisa went to various books sales and bought classic books that were in good shape. Then, she bundled them in a basket and commissioned a little pig to stand guard over the books, which included Make Way for Ducklings and my personal favorite, Where the Wild Things Are.

Books, books, books
Books, books, books

As I mentioned in a previous post, I, too, bought books for the new baby. Fortunately, there were no overlaps between what I bought—Talking Walls and You’re Wearing That to School?—and what Lisa bought. Baby Lozefski will not only be well dressed, but he or she will also have the start of a terrific collection of children’s books.

A loving family, lots of soft clothes to wear, a warm quilt, plenty of books. What a great way to start!



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