Friday, January 24: Bits and Bobs from the Internet

The weather report in central Maine remains constant: Cold, cold, and cold. I take the dog out for two short walks rather then one long walk, and I still can’t wait to get home. I’m so bundled up that you can just call me “Laurie of the North.” I should have Clif take a picture of me and post it on this blog. I wear a hat, headband, neck-warmer, the heaviest coat I have, leggings, fleece pants, and big warm gloves. Even so, as I walk, I feel as though my face is frozen into a grimace. It must look like I’m smiling because when cars go by, drivers smile and wave at me. Or maybe they just think I’m nuts. Stay warm this weekend!


From Mother Jones: Michael Pollan’s take on the paleo diet.

From Eating Well: Mushrooms are not only delectable but if exposed to light, they also are rich in Vitamin D.

From NPR’s the salt: How food hubs are helping new farmers.

From Oxfam: The best and worst places to eat in the world. Who is number one? Not the United States but rather the Netherlands.

From the New York Times: Cooking for the cold. Melissa Clark’s lentil soup with lemon might just be on our menu next week.

From the Portland Press Herald: Anne Mahle’s recipes for no-knead bread using a sourdough starter.

From Salon: Journalist Sarah Gray lives on food stamps for a week. It’s a gimmick, of course, but Gray is a good writer, and there are lots of details about our food system in her piece.