Ice Storm 2013

img_4990Nothing strikes fear into a Mainer’s heart quicker than the words “ice storm.” Those of us who have been here for a while will never forget the great ice storm of ’98, where at its peak a half-million people were without power, and the little house in the big woods was without power for 11 days. Because we have a well, this meant we had to haul every bit of water we used. As Shannon is fond of saying, “I was so happy to leave and go back to college.” Who can blame her?

This ice storm is supposed to be much less severe. So far, we haven’t lost our power, and we are doing all that we can, just in case. Yesterday, I made a double batch of pie knots and a quadruple batch of thumb-print cookies. Clif is working on the peanut butter balls as I write. As soon as I’m done with this post, I will vacuum. We have cans of tomato soup and baked beans in the cupboards. And lots of water stored in various containers.


We’re keeping our fingers crossed that all will be well, that we won’t lose our power. However, I have to grudgingly admit, and ice storm does make things pretty.


 Onward and upward! We hope 😉

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