First Snow Storm

img_4956Sunday was a snowy, blowy day. Outside, Clif and Little Green cleaned the driveway, and although we didn’t measure, I would guess there were 9 or 10 inches of snow. Nothing to get excited about in central Maine, especially when the snow is as light as it was on Sunday.

Inside, I made a double batch of gingersnaps. They will be going to various “elves” as well as a special friend who hasn’t been well. There will be more gingersnaps to come, for a party at the library and for a party where Clif works. ‘Tis the season. I estimated it took me an hour and half—from beginning to clean-up—to make a double batch of gingersnaps, which gives me 60 cookies.

When I think about my Christmas cooking, I would have to admit that none of it is what you would call fancy. Gingersnaps, thumb-print cookies, sugar cookies, peanut butter balls. But they are special to our family, mainly because we don’t have them on a regular basis. (The same is true for apple pie or crisp or gingerbread.) Since we don’t have them very often, these sweets and desserts are a real treat for the holidays.

Cookies to go

After making cookies, I headed outside to finish the clean-up, using a shovel to get to places to where Little Green couldn’t go. Naturally, I took a few pictures.

The backyard
The backyard
Snow dog
Snow dog

The little house in the big woods is nestled in the snow, tucked into winter, waiting for the full moon and for the winter solstice.

Waiting for the solstice
Waiting for the solstice

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