Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Squash bread and green bean casserole, ready for the big day
Squash bread and green bean casserole, ready for the big day

The rain is beating down on the roof, in the yard, and on the road, but all is cosy inside. I’ve started a wood fire in our furnace, and nothing warms the house as well as wood does. Cooking has commenced, and for the most part, I am right on schedule.

Tomorrow at the little house in the big woods, eight people, two dogs, and two cats will be coming together—some more easily than others—to celebrate Thanksgiving. When all is done and the food is served, I will indeed give thanks for what I have—a snug house, loving family and friends, the animals, and another year where I am cancer free.

Our daughter Dee will be staying with us until Saturday, which means I’ll be taking a little break from the blog to be with her. Happy Thanksgiving to all readers who live in the United States. Indeed, a happy day to all readers. May your plates be full and your hearts be merry.


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2013”

  1. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Laurie . Enjoy your family and all that wonderful food. We will be hosting the same number as you minus one cat! This is my favorite holiday. Food and family, what could be better!

    1. Thanks, Mary Jane! Hope you had a merry day. Ours turned out to be a bit topsy-turvy, and I’ll soon be writing about it for the blog.

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