Busy, Busy October: The Walk for Hope and White Chili


On Fridays, I usually post interesting pieces—most often food related—that I have read on the Internet. But not this week and not next week, either. Between volunteering, writing, cutting back perennials, and washing windows, I just don’t have that much time to read on the computer. And next Friday I’ll be leaving for New York to spend the weekend with my daughter Dee. (However, I still find the time to read my favorite blogs—Down to Earth and Letters from a Hill Farm, to name just a couple.) When November settles in, and the leaves have been raked, I’ll return to my Friday postings. There are a lot of good pieces on the Internet, and I like to think they make up for all the bad that is also posted.

This week has been so warm that I have been able to make a tray and eat on the patio every afternoon. In between reading and eating, I listen to the patter of the leaves as they fall to the ground, and the soft sound reminds me of a light rain. Even though the dog and the two cats join me on the patio, the birds remain undeterred, going from tree to feeder and back to tree with their tasty morsels—black oil sunflower seeds. This is the time of year when the feeder must be filled frequently, and I am out of seed. On Sunday, there will be a trip to Paris Farmer’s Union in Winthrop to get more seed. I just love seeing the flutter of birds in the backyard.

On Saturday, Team Good Eater will be participating in the Walk for Hope, a benefit for MaineGeneral’s Breast Care Program. As I had breast cancer 3 years ago, this is a cause that is very dear to me. The team’s 3 fundraisers are my daughter Shannon, our friend Alice, and me. So far, we have raised over $800, which, to borrow from my Yankee husband, is pretty darned good. A bunch of us will be walking on Saturday—Alice’s husband, Joel; my husband, Clif; our friend Debbie; and the dogs, Holly and Liam, the latter of whom still has a pungent smell as the result of an encounter with a skunk. (Unfortunately, Shannon’s husband, Mike, has to work and won’t be able to join us.)

After the walk, Team Good Eater will come for lunch at the little house in the big woods. I’ll be making a white chili from a recipe I got online, and if it comes out well, I’ll share it on my next post. From Farmer Kev I’ll get spinach and lettuce for a nice local salad. Shannon is bringing bread, and Alice is bringing dessert. We’ll sit at the round table in our dining room and share food and news and stories. We’ll talk about politics, books, and movies.The day is supposed to be lovely, and if so, the dining room will be lit with the glow of golden October. The leaves will continue to patter, and the birds will pick at a mostly empty feeder.

A good cause, fellowship, and food. We’ll have all those things on Saturday.

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  1. Should be a beautiful day tomorrow for the walk! I think that we actually broke the $1,000 mark! I have a few checks that aren’t and a match from Jill’s company (thanks Jill!) that isn’t included in our total online! 🙂

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