October 11, 2013: Bits and Bobs from the Internet

Another weekend with the promise of good weather, which means more yard work. For some reason, working outside in nice weather always seems better to me than working inside. I just love being outdoors. Clif and I also plan to ride our bikes, go to a pig roast at the grange in East Vassalboro, and see a movie at Railroad Square on Monday, when the prices are $5.50 all day. As we Mainers like to put it, that’s a wicked good deal.

Thanks so much to Rhonda Hetzel for featuring A Good Eater on her wonderful blog, Down to Earth. Rhonda has a big following, and I feel very honored to be listed.

From National Young Farmers Coalition blog: A profile of two young farmers—John Wright and Sara Hodges—who live on Vinalhaven Island—population 1,000—off the coast of Maine.

From Craftivist in the Kitchen: Whole grain cheese muffins. I’ll be making them soon.

From Mainetoday.com: Around the world in 7 sandwiches, all the while staying in Portland, Maine.

From Letters from a Hill Farm: Another book recommendation from Nan. This time it’s Up, Back, and Away by K. Velk. According to Nan, the story features time travel and bikes. Holy guacamole! What could be better?

From the New York Times: A piece about the “healthy obese.” With its references to mitochondria, the article gets a little complicated. But life is like that, isn’t it?

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