August 23, 2013: Bits and Bobs from the Internet

With summer coming to a close, I am frantically washing all our heavy quilts and blankets so that they can dry outside, either draped over lawn chairs or hung on the clothsline. With all this domestic bustling, I feel a little bit like a character out of one of Miss Read’s novel. The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend, and my husband, Clif, and I have it packed full of all things good and outside—bike rides, pizza, fish and chips, getting together with friends, and last but certainly not least, a fire in our fire pit where we will make S’mores.

From the Modern Farmer: Good news about farming in Maine. “Farms are being started at a rate nearly four times faster than the national average, the average age of its farmers is below the national — and rapidly greying — average (and keep in mind Maine is the most geriatric state in the Union), and it boasts one of the highest organic-to-conventional-farm ratios in the United States.”

From NPR’s the salt: A piece about the book, The Rise of Ramen, which is, of course, about ramen noodles and how they have become the food of choice for poor people all around the world.

From the Portland Press Herald: A review of Cia’s Cafe in South Portland. The photo of a veggie wrap in progress looks so good that I think I’ll make my own veggie wrap for lunch.

From the New York Times: Melissa Clark’s recipe for berry muffins with a crumb topping. There is an accompanying video, and the finished muffins look so delicious that I could have one right now. Make that two.

Again from the New York Times: For the last days of summer and the early days of fall—suggestions for grilling meat with rubs rather than with a marinade.

From the Global Post: Hot chocolate helps the brain. As cold weather is right around the corner for many of us, this is good news indeed. Drink up!