A Doggone Weekend

The past weekend was hot but packed with good things. On Friday night, Shari and Bill Burke came to our house for grilled pizza. We lit the citronella torches, ate, talked, and sat on the patio until the mosquitoes drove us in, around 8:30 or so. What a great way to end the week.

On Saturday, I went to a brunch to celebrate the birth of Minnie, a sweet little apple blossom of a baby. Minnie is the granddaughter of an old friend, and I have known Minnie’s mother, Heather, since she was a child. How moving it always is to watch young people grow up and take their place in the world. As a bonus, Heather and her husband are foodies, and what a delicious brunch—homemade quiche, green salads, fruit salads, and cupcakes in the shape of a mouse silhouette. Little Minnies. Welcome, Minnie, to this world.

Sweet cupcakes in honor of a sweet baby
Sweet cupcakes in honor of a sweet baby

Finally, this weekend we took care of Holly, our daughter Shannon and her husband, Mike’s, dog. At 7 months old, Holly is sweet and energetic, and we spent much of the time outside, going for the most mosquito-filled walk in the woods that I have ever been on. Fortunately, our backyard is relatively free of those biting nuisances. At least until it gets dark. Between the heat and the time spent outside, we—cats, dogs, and people—were all very tired by the end of this busy but rewarding weekend filled with the thrum of life.

Holly on the patio
Holly on the patio
Her dog buddy Liam
Her dog buddy Liam

4 thoughts on “A Doggone Weekend”

  1. Glad that you had a good weekend with Holly and that she was a good girl for you!! Thanks again for watching her! ๐Ÿ™‚

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