Chickpea Burgers on a Sunny Day

Yesterday was supposed to be a rainy day, but instead it was sunny, warm, and dry. The sky was bright blue.


The weather was perfect for hanging blankets on the line.


And for having lunch on the patio, one of my favorite places.


In central Maine, it is very dry, and we really need rain, but I have to admit I was not sorry to have this sunny day. Along with eating on the patio, I went for a bike ride, worked in the garden, and thoroughly enjoyed the fine weather.

I also went to the library to make more packets for the library expansion team. Our library is planning a 1.3 million dollar expansion, and we are almost at the $500,00 mark in a little over a year of fund raising. Among other duties, I have volunteered to put together the expansion packets given to prospective donors. Spring must be having a softening effect on pocketbooks because lately the donations have been coming in at a brisk clip, and I can hardly keep up with the demand for expansion packets. Go, Winthrop!

And what to make for dinner on such a fine day? Why, chickpea burgers and home fries, that’s what. My husband, Clif, has been longing for some kind of bean burger, and as I had leftover basil from a great deal at Shaw’s—-99 cents on the discount rack—I decided to make a Mediterranean-type burger, akin to falafel, using chickpeas and feta cheese along with the basil. The burgers were such a success that Clif called them “pretty darned good” and went back for seconds.

A bit of advice for an otherwise very simple recipe—when frying the burgers in a skillet with about 1/4 inch of olive oil, set a timer for 5 minutes as soon as you place the patties in the pan. (Use a medium heat.) Then don’t touch those patties. Leave them alone. This is very difficult for someone like me who loves to fiddle with food as it cooks. However, if you leave the patties alone and flip them after 5 minutes, then you will have a gorgeous, crispy brown crust. Another five minutes on the other side—again, no fiddling—will give you an equally gorgeous flip side. What else? Wet your hands to make the patties—the mixture is sticky. If it is too sticky, add more rolled oats. (I had to do this last night.) If it is not sticky enough, add a bit of water.

Clif and I had the usual condiments—mayonnaise and mustard—but if you have some plain yogurt, lemon, and cilantro on hand then you could make a nice little yogurt sauce to go with these burgers. But anyway you serve them, they are good.



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