Lunch at Kennebec Pizza Company

Yesterday, I went to Hallowell—surely the only town in central Maine that can lay any claim to being quaint—to meet my friend Sybil for lunch.


The forsythias were in full bloom, a glorious burst of yellow.


We ate at a tiny pizza shop called Kennebec Pizza Company, which is on the main street.


Sybil has been to Kennebec Pizza before, and she raved about the bacon pizza. As luck would have it, bacon pizza was available by the slice. “It’s my favorite, too,” said the young man who was making pizza. “So I always have it ready.” Sybil couldn’t resist this pizza and ordered a slice. I did the same.


Let’s just say I was happy that I followed Sybil in her choice of pizza. The bacon, cut very fine, added a salty—but not too salty—smoked taste to this pizza with its crisp crust. I whipped through one piece, and I had to use extreme self-control not to get another one.  (Susan Poulin, if you are reading this, you might want to make plans to stop at Kennebec Pizza the next time you are in central Maine. I know how much you love bacon.) The slices sell for $2 each, and if this isn’t the best lunch deal in the area, then it must come close.

Sybil and I talked about the usual things we love—movies, books, writing, our families. After we had eaten, we went for a walk by the Kennebec River, where we watched a pair of ducks—mallards, I think—-swim in the still, dark blue water. They were searching for their own lunch. I hope it was as good as ours.