Maine Maple Sunday 2013—March 24th

IMG_3165This Sunday is Maine Maple Sunday, and as far as I am concerned, any day that celebrates maple syrup is a great day. This year, unlike last year, promises to be a good year for maple syrup—plenty of warm but not too warm days and cold nights. From Maine Public Broadcasting, I learned that Native Americans taught European settles how to boil sap and make syrup. Thank you, thank you, Native Americans! I had never given the origins of maple syrup much thought, but it makes sense that the Native Americans would have come up with the idea many, many years before the Europeans arrived.

On Maine Maple Sunday, Clif and I plan on doing our bit to celebrate this sweet substance. For breakfast, there will be either pancakes or French toast served with plenty of maple syrup. I’ll be making some homemade vanilla ice cream so that later in the day we can have ice cream with maple syrup and roasted walnuts for dessert. Best of all, in the afternoon, we’ll be meeting with our friends Chuck and Erma, who will be bringing some of their own maple syrup for us.

It promises to be a very sweet day.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, I am planning on making a new recipe — Maple & Black Pepper Cream Pie. I hope it is tasty!

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