A Lobster BLT at the Red Barn

IMG_3034Well, we finally made it to the Red Barn on Sunday. The $25 gift card that I won was absolutely screaming to be used, and use it we did, splurging on the Barn’s famous lobster BLT as well as an order of mixed seafood, homemade chips, and a whoopie pie to share. (Clif and I do have our limits, broad though they might be.) Adding 2 small drinks, the grand total came to $31, which seemed like a very decent price for all that luscious seafood.

The lobster BLT came on homemade whole wheat bread, which certainly jazzed up the whole sandwich. So much so, in fact, that I would be tempted to order a plain BLT on another visit. But what did I think about the lobster BLT? I liked it, but I didn’t love it, which was a little surprising when you consider how keen I am on lobster rolls and BLTs. Somehow, though, the strong, smokey taste of the bacon overpowered the sweet, subtle lobster. Now, if I had lobster on a regular basis, I think I might have enjoyed the combination a little more. But, for me, lobster is a treat, something that I only have very occasionally, and when I do have it, I really want to taste that lobster. I don’t want tomato sauce with it. I don’t want spices. I just want lobster. In the future, I will stick with a plain old lobster roll.

But it was fun to try the lobster BLT. And the chips and the mixed seafood—shrimp, scallops, fried clams, and fix—were their usual delectable selves.  For dessert, the whoopie pie was moist and chocolatey—everything a whoopie pie should be.

All in all, what a meal! We left feeling full, content, and happy, and ready to return on another cheat day.


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