Getting Ready for Storm Nemo

IMG_2976Today the sky was a deep blue, and although the weather was brisk, it was pleasant being outside. But another one of those storms seems to be making its way toward the Northeast, and this one even has a name—Nemo. Therefore, I duly went to the supermarket—before the rush—to pick up a few things. I didn’t have to buy much. I make it a point to stockpile a fair amount of food, which means I usually have basic supplies on hand. (There is a difference between stockpiling and hoarding, and perhaps in another post I’ll write about the difference between the two.)

I hauled quite a bit of wood for the furnace, and this included sledgehammering some of the bottom layer of frozen wood stuck in the ground. While I did get a wheelbarrow full of wood from my sledgehammering, I must admit that I’m not very good at it. Many of my attempts amounted to nothing more than a few flying splinters of wood, with the log remaining frozen firmly in place. Lastly, using a little handsaw, I sawed some fallen branches I had hauled in from the woods, and got a nice bucket of small logs for my efforts. I am amazing myself with all the things I am learning to do now that my husband, Clif, with his broken wrist, can’t do heavy chores anymore. By the time summer comes, I’ll have arms and legs of steel.

The electric snow-thrower Dee bought us for Christmas is ready, and we even have a 100-foot cord that will allow me to reach the end of the driveway. Downstairs, there are two big buckets of water for the toilet should the power go out, and tonight I’ll be filling my stock pans with water to set on the stove. (If the power does go out, then I’ll be doing a lot of scooping and shovelling.)

But the most important thing I did was to make homemade granola cookies. I figured I needed something to keep my strength up as I shovelled, snow-blowed, and hauled more wood in. Yesterday, I made a big batch of nutty, crunchy granola, using a Mark Bittman recipe, and what should pop into my mind but granola cookies, which I have never made. I had a basic idea of how it should be done—essentially chocolate chip cookies with granola replacing a fair amount of the flour. When I went online to look for a recipe, I discovered that my hunch was right, and I decided to go with this recipe from You might call these cookies glorified oatmeal cookies, but the emphasis should be on “glorified.” My nutty, crunchy, coconutty granola gives these cookies a special twist, and I think they just might be my new favorite cookie, beating out plain chocolate chip cookies and gingersnaps. (This last statement is tantamount to heresy in my house, but I like these granola cookies so much that I’m not recanting.)

So come on, Storm Nemo, we’re ready for you. If the gods are smiling on us, we won’t lose our power, I won’t catch Clif’s cold—so far, so good—and we won’t get more than a foot of snow.

One thing is certain, we won’t be going to the Red Barn tomorrow night for supper. That will have to wait until the storm has passed. In the meantime, I can console myself with a granola cookie or two. I’ll have earned them.


3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Storm Nemo”

  1. School was canceled all day so Michael and I and the animals are all curled up in the living room watching the snow! I’ll be making chicken soup for dinner tonight (if I can get the broth unstuck from the freezer! :p). We’re suppose to get a minimum of 18 inches so this should be a big one!

  2. Hi!
    Casey, Cupid and I are ready for NEMO. Cupid is actually outside in the snow for a while doing his morning rounds. He is a hearty cat and doesn’t seem to mind the snow for short spells. The first thing he does when he goes outside is hit the pavement or snow and roll around in it, which he did this morning….kitty snow angels!

    I love being inside and not having to be concerned about going anywhere by car during a storm. The snow is blowing sideways already here on McLellan St. in Brunswick.

    I’m walking over to Bowdoin to a presentation at noon, which won’t be cancelled because the presenters from out of state arrived on campus Thurs and aren’t leaving until Sunday. It is a national troupe of actors which reads excerpts of plays from ancient greece ( sophocles etc.) to then discuss the moral issues that are applicable today. Their presentation last night, which I found quite moving, focused on suicide in connection to war. Today’s reading and presentation will focus of long-term caregiving, hospice and end of life care. NOt sure which play they will be reading. Anyway, it is just an 1.5 hours total and I can easily walk over. The facilitated conversation after the reading last night was really quite moving. In addition to many students, there were Vets in the audience from WWII, Vietnam, DEsert STorm and Afghanistan.

    STay warm…the granola cookies sound yummy…somewhat similar to my POWER Cookies I have been making for years!


    1. I guess Cupid is hearty! Not many cats like the snow the way he does. Yes, being able to walk to Bowdoin must be so great. No worries about driving. Have you made the power cookies for me? I remember you made some that I just loved—they were very nutty and had dried cranberries, I think. Also pecan meal/flour?

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