The Finest Kind of Day: Lunch with Susan and Gordon, Dinner with Shannon and Mike, and New Earrings in the Mail

Saturday was one those finest kind of days, as we say in Maine, where the whole day was filled with one delight after another. First, we met with our friends Susan Poulin and Gordon Carlisle, for lunch at Nosh in Portland and then tea at Whole Foods. Susan and Gordon have managed to do the nearly impossible—make a living through their artistic endeavors. Gordon is a talented painter, muralist, set designer, and composer. He also does funky collages. Heck, he can even sing really well. In my last post, I wrote about Susan, her alter ego Ida LeClair, and “Ida’s” new book, Finding Your Inner Moose.

Oh, the conversation just zipped along! So much so that we had to be reminded to study the menu so that we could order. But order we did, eventually, and in between ordering and eating, we talked about all the things I love to talk about—art, politics, movies, and personal history. Clif even slipped in a bit of computer talk. Gordon told us of a bike trek he went on—many years ago—through Europe. He carried portable art supplies with him, and along the way, he would stop and paint and send the paintings back home to sell.

“What a wonderful thing to have done,” I said.

“Yes,” Gordon replied. “And to have the time and the freedom.”

Something we don’t always have as we grow older, that’s for sure.

We talked about Susan’s book and the many readings she has done over the past several months.

One of the things I especially like about Gordon and Susan is that they are good listeners as well as good conversationalists. They asked us about our lives and our projects, too.

The food at Nosh was a mixed bag, at least for Clif and me. I really liked my burger, which included a garlic sauce, bacon, a fried egg, and blue cheese.

My burger next to those wonderful fries

Clif was not as impressed with his Chinese barbecue pork sandwich—too much lettuce, not enough pork, and an insipid sauce. The fries, hand-cut and “dusted” with bacon, were a hit all around. Gordon asked me to take a picture of him pointing at a very pink beet dish on his plate, and so I did.


It was also a bit pricey—$35 for two sandwiches, two soft drinks, and an order of fries. But never mind! Getting together with Susan and Gordon was such a blast that it made up for any culinary disappointments.

After that, it was over to our daughter Shannon and her husband, Mike’s, home for a delectable dinner of roast beef, carrots, and potatoes. Holly the puppy kept us entertained, and there was more movie talk.

A pretty much perfect day for Clif and me, but when I got home, what did I find but a lovely pair of earrings in the mail. They were designed by the talented Joan Vermette of Biddeford, Maine, and the name of her business is Biddeford Bead Lab.

I wore the earrings yesterday, and I am wearing them today. I love them so much that I will probably wear them tomorrow. Here is what they look like.


Susan, Gordon, and Joan made me reflect on the various talented people I know, people who are living the creative life.  It is a pleasure to support them, in my own little way, to give their presents as gifts, whenever I can, and to even buy myself a thing or two from time to time.

Let’s hear it for the creative life. It’s not always an easy life, but it is a life that is rich in many ways.


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  1. It was our pleasure for our portion of it! And we had fun watching Liam and taking the dogs for a walk while you were out for lunch! 🙂

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