Saturday, October 20—A Gray But Busy Day

Saturday was a gray day, but it didn’t matter as it was filled with many pleasing things to do. Our friend Diane had invited us to her home for dinner that evening, so first on the list was making an apple pie to bring for dessert.

Then it was off to the library to bring a birthday present to Shane, librarian extraordinaire and the leader of our library’s book group, The Title Waves. And what did I get him? A book of course—Crampton Hodnet by Barbara Pym. While my husband, Clif and I were at the library, we admired the new slate roof that is in the process of being installed.

After that, Clif and I went to Longfellow’s Greenhouses to look at the display of fairy gardens. Was I smitten? Indeed I was, and I immediately beginning thinking about making a couple of fairy gardens for a problem spot—dry shade—that I have in my own yard.

Finally, it was off to Diane’s Café, as Diane herself dubbed it, where she was not only a warm and gracious hostess, as always, but where she also went all out with snappy decorating and presentation.

The food was delicious, and what a warm, wonderful time we had around that table. There were 8 of us—my daughter Shannon and her husband, Mike; Alice and Joel Johnson; Sybil Baker, Clif and me; and of course Diane. We are such kindred spirits that the conversation just flowed from movies to books to politics to personal history. Sybil told us of the time she spent at school in England in the late 1940s, where food was still rationed but because she was a minor, she was allowed one egg a week as well as an orange and a banana.

And on this gray day I felt so lucky to live in Winthrop, to make apple pie, to have a great library, to go see the fairy gardens, and to have such wonderful friends.