Stopping by the Flaky Tart on a Rainy Day

Because I have been black-belt dieting for the past couple of months, I have not been going to the Flaky Tart, one of my favorite places to eat in Winthrop. No matter how good the food is at a restaurant, it is very difficult to control the amount of calories in any given meal. When fall comes, I told myself, I’ll stop by once a week or so to have a cup of the Tart’s delicious soup, which even a black-belt dieter can have without guilt. (Note: My black-belt dieting is working, and I have lost over 60 pounds.)

However, yesterday, even though the day was rainy, I walked into town to go to the library. By the time I came out, the rain was pelting down, and as I came to the Flaky Tart, I decided that a cup of tea and a small treat might be just the thing. I could sit at a table by the window, have my snack and tea, and hope that the rain would let up when it was time to walk home.

As it turned out, there were no small treats, but there were homemade granola bars, or breakfast bars, as they are billed at the Tart.

“Well,” I said to myself. “Why not have one of those? You have a granola bar for your snack everyday.”

But the ones I have at home are not as big as they are at the Tart, and I knew I’d have to break the bar in thirds. Not a problem at all. I took a third of the bar, wrapped up the rest, and put it in my pocketbook next to the ginger cookie I bought for my husband, Clif. The granola bar was out of sight, and therefore out of mind, as the saying goes. It’s a silly trick, but it works.

I ordered some iced tea to go with the granola bar and sat at my favorite spot, that table by the window. I watched as cars went up and down the street. For the most part, the sidewalks were empty, and there is something melancholy about empty sidewalks on a rainy day.

Across the street, in the window of Pete’s Roast Beef, the “open” sign flashed off and on. In a big SUV parked next to the Tart, a little dog with a white and brown head barked as he waited for his person to return. I could see the dog’s mouth open and close, but I couldn’t hear the bark.

Soon, the granola bar, one of the best I have ever had, was gone, as was the iced tea. The sky didn’t look as gray, and the rain appeared to have abated, at least a little.

Time to go home to my own dog and another walk, if the weather allowed.