Ending Vacation with a trip to the Red Barn in Augusta

Our vacation is over, and what a good one it was. We went to two movies—the excellent Beasts of the Southern Wild and the very good Safety Not Guaranteed. We went to the Theater at Monmouth and saw 4 plays in 3 days, and one of the plays—The Glass Menagerie—was so good that I think it’s safe to borrow a phrase—“alchemy in the theater”—from the late great Canadian writer Robertson Davies and apply that phrase to The Glass Menagerie. On the night we went, by the devastating yet poetic end, the audience was completely quiet. No coughing, no shifting, no unwrapping of paper. Just silence. As of today—August 14th—there are two more productions of The Glass Menagerie at the Theater at Monmouth. One is on Wednesday, August 15th at 1:00 P.M., and the other is on Saturday, August 18th at 7:30 P.M. I encourage readers who are within driving distance to come to Monmouth and see this terrific production.

Our daughter Dee, from New York, was here for the week, and what she wanted to eat were fresh vegetables, especially corn. In August, Maine gardens are pretty much at their zenith, and we had new little red potatoes, boiled; corn on the cob; grilled zucchini, summer squash, and broccoli; raw carrots and tomatoes; cantaloupe. All of this came from Maine, as well as the eggs we had for breakfast and the syrup we had on our waffles and French toast.

Midweek, our friends Judy and Paul Johnson invited us over for dinner, where there was more corn on the cob as well as grilled chicken with Moorish spices and a quinoa and kale salad. The evening was fine and we ate outdoors, and when the meal was over, Judy’s two young granddaughters ran and played in the fields surrounding the house.

Finally, we had a gathering of film buff friends over on Saturday for a pasta dinner with Clif’s famous grilled bread. For dessert there was homemade ice cream pie. I want to note that Shannon’s sauce with meat balls is well on its way to becoming famous and is certainly one of her specialties. She got the recipe from Cook’s, so I can’t share it, but it’s so good that Clif made sure we helped ourselves to some of the leftovers.

Dee left on Sunday, and after all the hubbub of the week, Clif and I felt letdown.

“Let’s go to the Red Barn,” I suggested, “for an end of vacation splurge.”

Clif didn’t argue, and although the day was overcast, we were able to eat outside. I had a lobster roll, Clif had fried chicken, and we both had a child-size soft-serve ice-cream cone for dessert. As we ate, we talked about our vacation—in reality a “staycation.”

“What did you enjoy the most?” I asked Clif.

“All of it,” he said. “I wish we could have had another week. One is not really enough.”

I couldn’t argue. And what better place to be in August than in Maine?



3 thoughts on “Ending Vacation with a trip to the Red Barn in Augusta”

  1. Glad you like the meatballs! 🙂

    It was a fun having Dee up – and always too short a time!!

  2. So glad you all could make it over to Monmouth on your week’s vacation. It was great fun and so good to see all of you (if Shannon & Mike were here it would have been complete)! Jenny & I went to see Glass Menagerie last month and we also thought it was wonderful! We are so fortunate to live here.

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