Quotation from Rhonda Hetzel from her blog, Down to Earth

“Now there is a more realistic understanding that we all do some form of house work, that home is our haven, that it’s a much safer and sustainable option to reduce the number of chemical products we use in the home, we understand the concepts of seasonal and local produce, developing community, solar and wind power, self reliance, recycling and the wise economy of restraint. We are still tough on women who ‘stay at home’ but I’m hopeful that too will change. Soon.”

Book Cover:  Down to Earth

One thought on “Quotation from Rhonda Hetzel from her blog, Down to Earth”

  1. That’s a lovely passage, and yes, it is ‘tough’ for women at home. People always looked askance, except older people who just smiled when I’d say I was ‘at home.’ It’s a really important job. To keep a house, a home, a haven as she says. If it is a pit stop, a place to microwave frozen meals, a place for the kids to be from 5 pm to bedtime, well, I don’t really know what to say. I know money is a huge issue. But there are those who work it out. It’s a matter of desire I think. I wonder if any young women coming up would ever see it as important, meaningful. Probably not.

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