Come August, this blog will be three years old. It’s been an eventful three years, punctuated by my daughter Shannon’s wedding as well as breast cancer and the resultant treatment. However, the biggest event, as far as this blog is concerned, is my decision to lose weight.

I’ve written quite a bit about it in previous posts, so I will be very brief: Last year, when I went for my annual physical, I was the heaviest I’d ever been, and I decided the time had come to lose at least 80 pounds. So far, I’ve lost 50, and the last 30 are coming off at a maddeningly slow pace. As a friend of mine who is also dieting put it, “Your body wants to hold on to its weight.”

Yes, it does, and I have redoubled my efforts to lose those last 30 pounds. I am hyper-vigilant about the number of calories I consume in a day, and I have decided to increase the mileage of my bike rides. Right now I go about 11 miles a day, and I would like to go 20 or maybe even 25 miles.

Unfortunately, what this also means is that my cooking has become very proscribed. Our main meals consist primarily of grilled chicken, baked fish, salads, turkey burgers, and more grilled chicken, with an occasional veggie stir-fry thrown in for variation. There is not much experimenting with new recipes, and these days, I hardly ever improvise my own dishes. Because with experimenting and improvisation come tasting and more tasting, and with tasting comes unwanted calories, even if the dish is low in calories.

In short, when it comes to food writing, dieting is a real wet blanket. Yet what can I do? To be 80 pounds overweight is not good, and while I’m lucky that my blood sugar and cholesterol are fine, I do have osteoarthritis, and the heavier I am, the less easy it is to do basic things like, say, go up and down stairs or walk any distance or go up hills.

Therefore, I am committed to dieting and to losing weight—I’ve even given away all my too-big clothing—and this means I have to make a decision about this blog. Clearly, it can no longer be a venue in which to share my cooking adventures. While I did write about other things, cooking and experimenting with recipes were at the center of this blog.

So now what? Do I change the focus of this blog to describe my struggles with losing weight? Sounds like a real drag to me. Do I focus on food issues and write profiles of people who are doing interesting things with food in Maine? A possibility. Or, do I leave this blog and go on to create a more general-purpose blog where I can write about nature, books, movies, social issues, the environment, and all the other things that interest me, including food? Another possibility, and I have even come up with a potential name for this blog—Notes from the Hinterland.

I’m not sure which direction I want to take, so for the next few weeks, I will be on vacation while I consider my options. As soon as I make my decision, I’ll let readers know.

In the meantime, have a wonderful summer. The roses are in bloom, and their glorious scent reminds us of why we love this season so much.




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