Last weekend was filled with friends and family, and I’m going to start with Sunday first because it was Father’s Day. (In the next post I’ll write about our Saturday get together and describe a luscious but oh-so-simple drink concocted by our friend Chuck.)

When the weather is fine on Father’s Day, my husband, Clif, always wants to head to Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park in Freeport for a hike and a picnic. Sunday’s weather couldn’t have been nicer, and so to Freeport we headed, where we met our daughter Shannon and her husband, Mike.

Wolfe’s Neck is a little gem of a park on the edge of a town that is dominated by a rather ugly cluster of chain stores. The park almost redeems this mess, and in Wolfe’s Neck there are trails that go by water and through woods. There is an osprey nest on a nearby island, and even without binoculars, the birds are visible. In late spring, the woods are abloom with lady slippers, and the smells of spicy evergreens and salt water are everywhere.

But before admiring the ospreys and walking the trials, we had to fortify ourselves with a little cheese and cracker snack that we had on one of the many picnic tables at the park. We also brought chocolate for dessert.

Clif and "the kids"

Thus fortified, off we went, and we got lucky with the ospreys. An enthusiastic young woman from one of the environmental agencies—can’t remember which one—was there with a high-powered telescope aimed right at the nest. Not only did we see the mother osprey, but we also saw her babies, their little heads just visible above the rim of the massive stick nest.

For two hours or so, we walked on the trails, and by then we were ready for the next part of Father’s Day, a meal of fried seafood at Day’s Take-Out on Route 1 in Yarmouth. Day’s Take-Out is small and white, the kind of nondescript place you would drive past if you didn’t know any better. In fact, not knowing any better, Clif and I have driven past it scores of time. But Shannon and Mike have been raving about the fried clams for quite a while, and Father’s Day seemed like the ideal day to check out those clams.

As the name suggests, Day’s is a take-out, and while there are a number of picnic tables on a grassy point overlooking a lovely marsh, there is no inside seating. Clif and I ordered a pint of clams and a large order of fries, and let’s just say that we will not be driving past Day’s Take-Out anymore. The fries were hand-cut, the lightly-breaded clams were fresh and just the right size, not too big and not too small. Both were fried to perfection, crispy but not overcooked. The prices were reasonable—under $30 for the clams and fries—and we’ll be heading back to Day’s sometime soon. In fact, the food is so good that it gets the “Good Eater Seal of Approval.” (Chuck, whom I mentioned above, has recommended that I start a Good Eater Seal of Approval list, and so I have, with the first being Day’s Take-Out.)

Delectable fries and clams

After those delectable clams and fries, we went to Mike and Shannon’s apartment in South Portland, where we gilded the lily and had strawberry shortcake made with fresh Maine strawberries from Cape Elizabeth.

All I can say is, what a day!


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