Stuffed French toast, strawberry bread, and a cheese square

On Sunday, my husband, Clif, our dog, Liam, and I headed to South Portland for Mother’s Day, to our daughter Shannon and her husband, Mike’s, home. Shannon prepared a lovely brunch, which included strawberry bread, an egg and cheese dish with quinoa, and stuffed French toast with fresh raspberries and cream cheese. What a feast! And what a lucky mother I am. (The only way I could have been luckier would have been if our eldest daughter, Dee, who lives in New York, could have been there, too. Ah, well.)

Gail, Mike’s mother, joined us as did Gail’s daughter (and Mike’s sister), Liz. We had a jolly time around the dining room table with its yellow table cloth and two pots of begonias—one for me and one for Gail. We talked about the things we love to talk about—food, movies, and books. Liz told us about a recent trip to New York City, where she saw Peter and the Starcatchers.  Liz gave it a “stellar” review. Was I jealous? Indeed I was. Unfortunately, our budget did not allow for a play when we went to visit Dee last month. However, I plan on reading the book sometime soon. And who knows? Perhaps the play will still be there when we visit Dee in October.

The pretty table

After lunch, most of us went for a walk in a large wooded park with ponds and bridges. Lovely hostess that she is, Shannon stayed home to prepare the grand finale, a chocolate fondue with lots of dipping options—pound cake, marshmallows, strawberries, pineapple, and bits of ginger. It certainly was a delicious way to end the meal. You might even call it gilding the lily.

Liam on the move at the park

But who cares? It was Mother’s Day, a time to feast and to be happy. Sunday was my cheat day, my day to eat as much as I wanted, and eat I did, until I was contentedly full.

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  1. Glad that it was such a good Mother’s Day! I had a lot of fun planning and making it all! 🙂

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