Our bikes in front of Pete’s Roast Beef

For one day a week—sometimes two when schedules allow—my husband, Clif, and I plan to have no-car days, when the car doesn’t leave the driveway, and we either walk or ride our bikes. As our friend Dawna Leavitt has observed, people shouldn’t be using oil (or gasoline) at all, but in central Maine, it is practically impossible to live without a car. However, Clif and I love to ride our bikes, and we use them for both pleasure and for transportation. We are also lucky in that we only live a mile from Winthrop Village, which has a nifty library, several places to eat, a grocery store, a post office, well, most of the things a village should have.

Last Sunday was a sunny but oh so windy day. Nevertheless, Clif and I deemed it to be a no-car day, and off we went on our bikes, to Pete’s Roast Beef, where we did not get roast beef. I have pretty much eschewed meat, but at Pete’s Roast Beef, they also have fried Maine shrimp on the menu. I ordered shrimp and so did Clif. Although they were frozen and breaded, the shrimp were quite good—sweet with a crispy exterior. As Sunday was a cheat day for me, we also had a large order of fries.

Sweet Maine shrimp

Thus fortified, off we set for a ride along Lake Maranacook. The wind did blow, sometimes pushing us sideways. Our fingers, in their half-gloves, were cold, and our noses were red and runny. The lake was a chill blue with choppy white caps, but along the road there were patches of spring flowers. Despite the wind, we pushed on and went 8 miles, a short but acceptable run.

On our way back, we stopped at Mia Lina’s, not for pizza—we do have our limits—but rather for whoopie pies to bring home and have with tea.

With fingers tingling, how good that tea and the whoopie pies tasted. But even though the ride was cold and windy, it was still a good ride. As I’m fond of saying, any day you can go on a bike ride is a good day. I should also add, any time you can leave your car in the driveway is a good day.

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