Last night, my husband, Clif, and I made chocolate peanut butter hearts for a Valentine’s Day bake sale to be held where he works. (Money from the sale goes toward employee events.) Basically, these are peanut butter balls cut in the shape of hearts and dipped in chocolate.

Clif figured out a good way of rolling the sticky dough, which consists of confectioners’ sugar, graham crackers, vanilla, butter, and, of course, peanut butter.¬† (Click here for a full recipe.) He rolled it right on a cookie sheet, cut out little hearts, and transferred them to another cookie sheet.

I used a bigger cutter for the hearts, and I just pressed out small rounds of dough before cutting the shapes. My method worked, but his was more efficient, and it is what we will do next year if there is another Valentine’s Day bake sale.

After the hearts had been dipped and had hardened, we taste-tested a couple of the smaller hearts, just to be sure they were fit for consumption. We thought they were, and apparently other folks did, too.

This morning, at 8:45, Clif called to tell me that the hearts, both big and small, had sold out. The small hearts went first, and I can see why. In their little paper cups, they were much cuter than the large hearts, plain in their snack-sized Ziplocks.

Big or small, I hope some of those hearts make it home to loved ones—husbands, wives, children, mothers, and fathers.


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