Last weekend, there was so much holiday cheer that it’s a wonder Clif and I have recovered from all the fun. Winthrop had its holiday parade, and that’s what today’s post will revolve around. Truly, for a town of 6,000, it was bang-up little parade, and Bailey Public Library was well represented. Liz and Mary Jane marched with our lovely banner, and Richard, the director, and Shane, the adult services librarian, marched as well.

Blue balloons were everywhere on the main street, and at one point, a single blue balloon flew over the white spire of the Congregational Church. The Lions parked their their snack stand on the side of the street, and from it came the delectable smell of French fries and fried dough. The Flaky Tart was doing a very brisk business, and Clif and I each got a treat, a cupcake and a piece of stollen.

Then came the parade, with its homemade floats, the dancing girls, and the marchers passing out candy. One of the marchers—and I didn’t catch whom she was marching for—was throwing wrapped peppermints so zealously that they become something akin to incoming missiles. “Whoa!” I heard a bunch of children yell as they scattered to avoid being hit by the hard candy. Still, it was taken in good cheer, and when the candy had safely landed, the children scrambled for the candy.

Waiting for fries
Our library banner
Dancing girls