Yesterday, despite the heavy March-like snow, we did not lose our power and our New York daughter made it to Maine without incident. I was able to make pumpkin bread and green bean casserole to bring to my daughter Shannon’s home for Thanksgiving.

And yesterday, despite the slippery roads, three dedicated food pantry volunteers—JoEllen Cottrell, Mike Sienko, and Charlie Gove—opened the Winthrop Food Pantry. A food truck from the Good Shepherd Food Bank was supposed to come to Winthrop with boxes of food, but because of the bad weather, they canceled. JoEllen, the food pantry’s executive director, was concerned that there might be people who were counting on that food, and therefore she decided to open the food pantry, even though the weather was bad.

It turns out her concern was not misplaced. Eleven families came to the pantry. In the past, when the weather has been bad, most food pantry recipients have waited until the following week to come to the food pantry. (We are open only on Thursday.) It’s a sign of these hard times that so many people came out in a storm so that they could get food.

What I want to say is this: Charlie, JoEllen, and Mike, you make the world a better place. I am both inspired by and thankful for the example you set, not only for me but for the rest of the community as well.


4 thoughts on “GIVING THANKS”

  1. And today, many members of the Winthrop Area Rotary spent the day cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for the community – for those in need of food and for those just looking for fellowship. Eric and Phil were there at sunrise and peeled and cooked and measured and mashed for hours. Thanks to all who make the extra effort to make sure others are fed before they, themselves, sit and give thanks.

    1. Wonderful, Patrice! Winthrop really is a caring community. Thanks for sharing this news about the generosity of the Winthrop Area Rotary.

  2. JoEllen, Mike and Charlie deserve kudos for braving the weather. I can only imagine how those eleven families would have felt if they had arrived to find the food pantry closed when they clearly had a serious need. But three people cared enough to see that sad possibility didn’t come to pass. A good example of selflessness in these self-centered times.

    1. Yes, indeed. JoEllen, Mike, and Charlie certainly deserve kudos. And never have so many recepients come to the food pantry on such a stormy day. Hard times!

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